The Kama Sutra Game

The Kama Sutra Game


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60 Min

From the back of the game:

For more than a thousand years Kama Sutra has been a guide for lovers of all ages. We have interpreted this great work and offer it to a couple as an interactive game experience.

The Kama Sutra Game™ offers lovers the opportunity to explore the sensual and sexual aspects of their body, mind and spirit on the journey to experiencing ecstasy.

Object of the Game
– To have fun developing a deeper understanding of what you and your lover like and want in your intimate relationship.

– To engage in an extended session of lovemaking that builds on anticipation, creativity, adventure and a progression of physical intimacy.

– To expand your sensory awareness through activities using sight, hearing, taste, smell and… touch.

Game Play
Rolling the die and moving your game piece each of you will travel a different path. During the game the two of you will be communicating, sharing and participating in a multitude of pleasurable activities and accumulating “Sexual Position” cards. These cards will be played to complete your “journey to ecstasy.”

Included in the game:
A playing board, 56 activity and position cards, a die, 2 playing pieces and instructions.

A Journey to Ecstasy awaits you!

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