Star Wars – Stromtrooper Pouch Sandwish Shaper

Star Wars – Stromtrooper Pouch Sandwish Shaper


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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!
Kotobukiya’s lineup of kitchen goods based on the STAR WARS universe expands with the STORMTROOPER pouch sandwich shaper!

Make a pouch style sandwich with STORMTROOPER stamped into the bread, or cut off the edges and make a STORMTROOPER shaped snack!

Easy to use! Make a fun STAR WARS sandwich quickly and easily

Add details to your STORMTROOPER sandwich with the included stencil plate

Use along with other STAR WARS kitchen products, such as Kotobukiya’s Lightsaber Chopsticks and Silicone Ice Trays, for a stellar dining experience!

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